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Hero of the Month

SABAJEET: A vision fulfilled

Many people dream, but only a few dream for the world. One such person is Sabajeet born in Jaunpur, a small village in Uttar Pradesh. Education didn’t come easy to Sabajeet who had to brave the elements every day to walk 14 kms to his school, from his home. In the year 1977 while walking to his school, he saw a dream – one that provided easy access to education to all the people of Jaunpur. When Sabajeet grew up and came to Mumbai, his dream accompanied him. He made a name for himself as a building contractor and in the year 2005, went back to Jaunpur, to build his dream school. He began with a small house, where he started a school for 300 kids. He named it “ShriLaljiHorilalVishwakarma Junior High School” and within couple of years, Sabajeetcame to own 2 acres of land where he constructed a school with 23 rooms and alsobought 3 school buses. Currently 900 kids are laying the foundation for their future Sabajeets’ school. Presently the school teaches classesupto the 10th grade and the permission to teach the 11th and 12th grades will be available by 2012. The school has a temple on its premises to impart spiritual training to the students.

Sabajeet is just like any of us but what makes him stand out, is, his courage to take that first step towards living his dream.

Manish Purohit


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