Something Like Poetry

Come to me

In childhood spree
Once, I asked thee
has boredom ever struck you?
since you know the past ,
the present aware
and, future foreseen
how monotonous has your journey been oh lord?
come let me surprise you a little bit
even you deserve a small vacation
after this great excavation

Please disclose this secret bond of yours with the evil Satan
everytime he watches us pray
something strikes him to make us go astray
Is there some trick of yours behind this too?
just to keep a check on your believers
if they are true to you.
whatever is your relation
with the celestial celebration
all I request is a peaceful settlement
'tween Mr. Thunder and Rainy season
everytime you cause these outbursts
it makes poor china even worse
well, thats the case with every one every year
it’s either a hurricane, or the scorching heat that we fear
you must come down once to this place you invented
people named it The Earth
have a look at its population
and the ever increasing girth


Show your face to those living sinners
who deny to trust in your powers
and, yet you claim them to be yours ?
Don’t be unfair when you attend my school poetry recitation
i'll speak of you, I better get a closer attention


so, while you do your duty
O Almighty,
take a piece of rest
dip some biscuit, sip some chai .





Rima Engineer









[This poem is dedicated to every citizen of this country, every soul who lives and strives for the welfare of the motherland, movements may come, succeed or not, the spirit of patriotism and unfailing dedication lives on, and, as a beacon leads on.]

‘With someone like you’

With someone like you

We stand here together as a nation

In hopes of starting a new world

We're now all part of its manifestation


Tis, our voices that speak today

With an un-dismissive tone

tis our voices that speak with multiplicity

Can they succeed alone?


Its a movement we defined

The spark is still alive

A spark so strong, he's discrete

Even amongst the fire he thrives.


It’s this fire that blesses our streets

Lights them alive with strength

It’s what we ask, it’s what we want

Only 'forever' defines its length.


If it’s a democracy that we're defined as

Then it’s our every right to have

Supremacy of thought and speech

Because its 'we the people' who live this land


Its 'we the people' who stand together now,

Its 'we the people' prepared to fight

Its 'we the people' blessed from above

Given a chance to win back our right


A revolution's sparked,

The revolution now flows

Through the veins of all her children

As its heart beats with dampening hollows


It’s a pledge to bring down

This beast that runs free

In a rampage so furious

Under our noses yet everyone can see


But its the hope that's alive

And its painted all over our streets

It shines it grows it flourishes

And is risen to face no defeat!


This hope is us, a hope for change

This struggle against a corrupt few

Its a struggle that is complete

With someone called 'you'.





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