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Moral of the Story


The habit of reading is a true blessing.  At the  tender age of 9 or 10 I would elope with myself into a world of books.  I would read Panchantantra, Aesop’s fables, Harry potter, Archies and Tinkle. Soon I realized that my journey had just begun and that there was an entire world left to be conquered.


I found it very amusing as to how every story ended with a ‘Moral’. I always wondered about the idea behind this.


Reading story books was an experience by itself. Each word, each character would come alive, and take me to an unknown destination. I would travel from one time zone to another and still keep wondering where is all this going! Stories would create an epitome of the world I would often dream to live in.

Funny it is that I do the same in Life. Awesome, is the realization.  Life is nothing but a culmination of stories. Some stories, in my own head, some in the environment and some  every person I meet. Every person comes with his own bag of stories! It’s amazing how all of these blend in to form a universe so perfect for me. This moment I see a story in my head. This moment i am living a story of ME.  Some - very engrossing, Few - very connecting, Very Few - overlooking, But every story- an assortment of learning! And this is where I learn the value of the ‘Moral of the Story’. Every event that has happened in Life, in retrospection, it feels nothing less than a story, isn’t it? And all of those events have left us only with the morals. As Indians, we are blessed to be brought up with the concept of ‘Moral of the Story’.


In life, there are times when  stories are given so much importance that the learning behind them is often forgotten. Sometimes we are so stuck up with the various emotions that the event offers, that we turn a blind eye to the learning. Moral is what gives the story its meaning. It is the moral, that makes the journey so beautiful. If it is the moral that is left for us in the end, then why bother if new stories are made every moment.


I am here to dive deeper, to keep the morals and move on to discover new ones! Enliven your life with the beauty of words, paint it with fresh colors on the canvas of love. You will know words are just a medium to bring  silence in you , they are just here to make you meet the best person in the world, that's YOU. Scratch the surface, explore the hidden moral of your life, and you will know why your life is nothing but a beautiful story.



Lavita Singhania








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