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Tuesday, 03 July 2012 16:07


Why is Guru Poornima in July?!

Guru Poornima is a very important day for the devotee, perhaps the most important one for anyone who has a Guru. It is centered around the full moon by its very name.

The skies must have been overcast then as they are now. When there is such a small probability of actually seeing the full moon on the night of Guru Poornima, why have it in July at all?! It should have been in March or November when there is almost 100% chance to see the full moon in all her glory. Somehow celebrating such an important festival in July, right at the high point of the monsoon in India, when there is almost no scope of seeing the moon on that night of nights seems like a bad joke, almost illogical.

Then I thought some more and began to think about how Guruji functions. What He means to me, and I suddenly saw the logic; it was indeed a magic.

The Guru is unobtrusive. He doesn’t intrude at all. His Presence is hidden, yet His Grace is always there. He is exactly like a full moon obscured by clouds. You know the moon is there but you can’t see it, all you see is diffused beautiful light. If you didn’t know there was a moon, you would wonder where the light was coming from.

Just like His Grace, His Shakti, benevolent and beguiling…

And then very, very rarely, Guruji’s Grace shines forth in a burst of Glory… utterly unmistakable, beyond any shadow of doubt. Just like a cloudless, clear full moon night in July, this happens once in a while.

It’s perfect. Guru Poornima should be celebrated in July!

Jai Gurudeva!


Bawa & Dinesh


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