I like to move it move it…


I like to move it move it…




Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman are still stuck in Africa, dreaming to return to New York. The journey from Africa to New York is tough, but they know one thing throughout their journey since Madagascar 1 2 & 3 ‘‘when we are together, we can do anything,’’ ANYTHING! From there begins a life filled with  creative twists built on trust and faith. Their bond being so strong and unbreakable that they know that nothing is impossible for them. Together they find life, love, passion on a different planet.


The movie which begins being lost on the deserted lands of Africa ends in a very colorful and vibrant mood. The 3D effects are worth wearing those big fat glasses. The background score, cinematography, and the sounds that form the identities of those live creatures are a feast to the senses. In the entire movie they are either running, playing, doing aerobics, or performing stunts. When they finally reach home, Alex realizes that the fame he received by roaring at 'central park' was boring and his friends agreed. They realized they were already at home when they were in circus, where they lived each moment to their fullest. This 90 minutes of imagination is worth your time and money.



Srishti jhawar


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