‘Boone’—The International centre for meditation and well being

‘Boone Ashram’



The International centre for meditation and well being




The Art of Living Foundation was formed in 1989 in the United States of America. Since then, local centres have been established across the world. 

On 1st of July 2012 a new Art of Living centre was inaugurated in Boone, North Carolina, United States.

This ashram is located in the most scenic locations in the US in the middle of the forest.  4000 feet above sea level guarded with blue ridge mountains, it’s a miracle how we got the ashram. We participated in the auction, but lost it. Gurudev asked us to have patience and keep our intentions. Soon, in the next week we got a call from the authorities to buy the land, which we got for a very low price. It took around a year for our volunteers to rebuild the ashram which looked like a distant possibility. It normally snows for 3 months during winters. At that time working is not possible. Miraculously the nature supported the intentions of the master and it did not snow this winter. Workers worked endlessly till the last day of the inauguration to make it ..

On the very first day the ashram was full ppl 2000+ ppl living on the campus. Blessings course, part 2, yes!+, started with a bang.. beautiful kitchen..which catered around 3k ppl  on the guru purnima day.




At the Boone Ashram I felt…


The deeper the roots the higher the trees grow. Storms have little power over these tall and sturdy beings. 

Spirituality is that foundation, which provides deep rest to the soul in this ever tiring world. Even to enjoy this world with our 5senses we need to replenish the tank. 

To have a centre dedicated to meditation and well being is a true wealth for a nation. And I think this centre is a gift for not only those present in the world but to all those future generations who will benefit from its presence. Like those temples and churches who have remained grounded, doing their duty even after their founders have left the world.  

And this centre couldn't have come at a better time than this. The Congress man from Illinois who was present at the opening of the centre said that there are around 18 war veterans in USA who end their lives every day, because of the post traumatic stress they experience, which they unable to handle. This may be only one out of the hundred stories of people experiencing stress and do not know how to come out of it. 

In the process of evolution human birth is supposed to be most advanced, then why is it that this is the race which is bringing about maximum destruction on the planet? We humans have never before been educated how to deal with the negative emotions which are a part of us and we vent it out in all wrong ways. We seem to have missed one very important link, which has left us puzzled and confused, and I think that link is Spiritual education through the practice of meditation. 

Such centers, as quoted by Sri Sri are, “Where people come with piles of botheration but go back hollow and empty, ready to take on life with a new enthusiasm and with a deep sense of rest”. 

I feel deeply honored and humbled that I could be a part of this historical opening... 

Vasudha Jhunjhunwala




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