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Age! What Is that?



It all started in the year 2009, I was 17. I had just finished my SSC (10th boards) and taken admission in junior college. Honestly, there was no such idea of starting a business-- it just happened to me; I wanted to start a social club for friends and associates. The idea is not yet completed and is still running somewhere at the back of my mind. But yes, it all started with that idea of social club and now I am here, shaping it, and giving it direction.

My dad has been the sole inspiration for all my actions. He always saw a great potential in me, and he would always say, ‘Meri chotti beti mera naam roshan karegi’ (my little girl will make me proud). He was sure I would make him proud, and when my dad expired due to illness I was completely shattered. I went into mental trauma and depression. It was my dad’s words which always reminded me to do something big.

To begin with I would rather say I wanted to develop an internet site for that ‘social club’. I approached a company for the desired work, and they quoted me an amount of 1,00,000 Rs. Being a student I didn’t have the money and thought to earn it myself. I had a basic knowledge about web designing. I thought of developing few basic web sites. I got lucky and got a few projects initially. I still remember I got two thousand rupees for my first job that I completed. I started initially with zero, and today I have fixed expenses of 1.25 lakh on my office salary and rent! My company is dealing globally in IT Services. The first and foremost obstacle in the way was my age! Because of my age I was unable to gain trust from my clients and was unable to grab big projects, though there were few who trusted me irrespective of my age! I was new to this field and had very less or no experience on how to deal with IT people. I faced a lot of problems because of my inexperienced and slightly immature talks. Being a newbie I also faced some nervousness and was a bit low on confidence.

A major obstacle was my family as well. I didn’t know how to convince my family. So I thought not to tell them about my business. It was a burden on my mind. It was quite difficult to hide things from them. But as my business flourished I thought to give them a surprise.




In the middle of all this, it so happened, that I got associated with The Art of Living. I was part of the organizing team and we planned a musical concert named ‘Sumeru Sandhya’. A thought came, and I sponsored the whole event. It was on the day of the event that I told my family about my business, and guess what; they all had tears in their eyes, smile on their faces and pride in their heart. The event proved to be a big hit, more than 4000 people attended and it was the biggest event ever in the Aurangabad chapter of The Art of Living. Being a citizen of India which is coping up with its 125 million population, there is a need for all of us to achieve some extraordinary. Balancing studies with the business was tough. I cannot say that I have emerged with flying colors in my studies but as compared to what I did in my professional front, I feel happy to say that I am still in the race of completing my education.



Akanksha Vaishnav



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