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The rains, The buffaloes, and The grey sky


as my car moves heartily,

I see through the windows of my eye.

it rains and it rains

from the vast grey sky.

clouds kissing the green hillocks,

butterflies fluttering by

it rains and it rains,

from the endless magnanimous sky.

tall beautiful trees

like a newly married bride,

they cling to each other

as it rains from the gorgeous grey sky.

dancing green paddy fields ,

close to a river flowing by.

they are completely wet,

because it rains and it pours from the splendid sky.

buffaloes bathing in a lake,

remind me of friends from close by

it just rains and rains

from the home of the lord high up in the sky.

the mountains, the trees, the rain ,

the buffaloes and the grey sky.

they are all the same,

now so clearly visible even with closed eyes.


Siddharth Shukla



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