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Ballad of the Moon Light

Under the sun every love shines
It is this love of ours standing on moonlit pick up lines



Cold breezy moonlit nights
Make me want a wish of solitude
Where the dance movement of every leaf is absolute
Where pathways to the goal are multitude
But I see only the path you picked, for it has shone well enough now
in this ray of grace and gratitude
It is serene, it is sublime
It is something words cannot define

It is something you can only feel
As if a deep injured heart, has now healed
A sensation so pure maybe a method of cure
It's the cold breezy moonlit night
Which makes me fight
Against all odds
To meet my lord
the source of this creation..



Sometimes, I want to sit silently beside a lake,

and gaze upon its rippled reflection

Sometimes, I want to dance,

and then just take a glance  notoriously splashing some water



Our moon is not just white beauty
It loves fun and acting witty
Don't just dig your head under a blanket, come out or at least twirl
and swirl in the breeze at the window with your curtain
This is the message of the moon, and I am certain



-Rima Engineer




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