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A calm, quiet, silent, shy girl, with not more than 4-5 friends that she interacts with, interested in sports rather than studies. The sports she chose were always individual, so that she could be herself. Be it a Yellow belt in Karate or a state champion in 100m, 200m, badminton, or a medalist in National Archery and Shooting, she got numerous achievements, but still remained that same calm, quiet, silent, shy girl!

The girl I am talking about is ME, and yes, that’s a slight insight into my past. The past, where I achieved a lot, but was too shy to share my happiness with anyone. The past, which I can now boast of, but never really enjoyed when it was my present. If talking to the people I knew was a big deal for me, talking to strangers was completely out of question. People always considered me to be low on confidence, but I knew that if I can win on the sports field, I can win in other fields of life as well. But how?! That was the question I always wanted to be answered.

After being into a lot of other games, in 2001 I took up Shooting as my main choice and focused completely on achieving big in it. Initially, things were going ok, I just managed to reach the nationals and perform decently, win a few medals. My life just kept on going the same as it had been for years- unenthusiastic. Then, a change happened. A change which turned it 90 degrees (rest 90 degrees, changed a little later!)

It was in 2003, when a friend of mine took me to the world’s most supposedly boring event, a ‘satsang’ and that was the last day when I associated the adjective “boring” with satsang. There was a drastic change that happened since then. I saw a ray of hope and enthusiasm in me. That was the day when I got promoted to the post of a ‘devotee’ and found a master for myself. The vacuum which was there got filled with joy. Now, there was more meaning in whatever I was doing.

Finally came the time for rest of the 90 degrees turn and that was in 2005. This was when I experienced the most amazing moment of my life, an experience that can never be described in words but can only experienced. It is the most miraculous gift to mankind, an immensely sacred and special technique that I recieved; the 'Sudarshan Kriya.' It was after the experience of 'Sudarshan Kriya' that I got my answer on how to use my confidence when I require it. Till that time I had nothing, absolutely nothing apart from shooting, but now I was looking at a life in its true sense. I realized, there were so many other qualities that I could unleash. Two things which have always been miles away from me were art and writing. After entering this spiritual world, I got to meet the artistic me. I became a 3D artist and recently I also met the Writer Me! From being the insignificant Pragya, I became a leader and not just set my life right but also became an instrument to kindle such joy in many others.

After achieving what all I have, I can proudly say the best thing to happen to me was becoming an Art of Living teacher and spreading this joy through Sudarshan Kriya. For sure, there can be nothing better than this! You can consider it to be an open challenge!

Pragya Rathore, International Pistol Shooter

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