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These are the two hottest Smartphone OS’s( Operating Systems) on the planet and they account for the 80% of all the Smartphone’s.

So how do we select an OS when buying a new phone?
We will help you differentiate on some key points.

From a common person’s perspective, IOS and Android are just two different names of name Operating Systems. However, there are some stark differences from the technical viewpoint.

->IOS is a proprietary system from Apple.
-> Android is an open source operating system from Google.


-> Android being an open source OS can be used by any handset manufacturer on any hardware.
Different manufacturers can use different chipsets for their handsets.
Latest Flagship Phones: Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note2, Asus Padfone2, HTC One X+.

->IOS is designed by Apple and the hardware is also designed only by Apple. Apple Custom designs everything from the processing chips to the logic boards.

Latest Flagship Phone: iPhone 5.
Both the Operating Systems are now designed to run on the latest and the greatest hardware.


These are two entirely different OS’s in terms of usability and the way they handle their tasks.

Latest versions Of IOS: 6.0.1 and Android: 4.2 JellyBean.

-> Google's Android can be very overwhelming for consumers. Especially when compared to Apple's iOS. Apple focuses on their energy into one operating system on one phone, and then they work their magic in the user experience department. Apple has a following for a reason: People truly enjoy interacting with their iPhones. This is not to imply that Android users are miserable. It is just a different style of experience. If you want simple, no hassle and intuitive, you'll likely want to focus on Apple. If you are more creative and like the option of having options, then Android is your best bet. Some Key Points:

->For updating a device, Apple sticks longer. For example - you can use iPhone 3GS running latest version of IOS, but it’s not possible for android, although a  technical person can easily do it, but it’s difficult job for common person.

-> With IOS, buying a device when it’s new pretty much guarantees you that it’s top of the line for a year. For Android, this is not the case the hardware can wary from time to time and a new product launches at anytime of the year with the latest updates.

-> In terms of performance, IOS is more user friendly, seamless and easy to use. Everything is smooth and flowing with a simple user interface, but now some users are finding the icon structure and lack of customization on the OS to be boring and are expecting a fresher approach from Apple.

-> However a fully fledged Android device is not recommended for someone who is not good with technology but it’s good for a person who wants to customize his OS according to his liking. Android is also coming up fast with its software upgrades to match with IOS’s smooth and flowing operations. Customizable OS is its greatest asset.

-> In context of software’s, IOS has the best variety of software’s and Apple ensures all the applications are managed and designed according to their specifications and guidelines. One big advantage of IOS over Android in Tablet software is IOS has about 275,000 tablet optimized and specifically made for tablet software’s whereas Android has only a handful of those software’s. -> Android now also has almost the same number of software’s optimized for phones.

Transfers: -> In IOS one has to use iTunes for transferring all the music, videos, podcasts, books etc, but this can be sometimes cumbersome for someone. This can useful for people who maintain their playlists and everything to be transferred to the phone from one platform.

-> Android has the biggest advantage the phone can be easily synchronized by using the drag and drop options and the phone itself can be used as a storage device.

-> IOS has some of the best in class security features for individuals as well as corporate while there is a very slight chance of a malware corrupting the phone or stealing some private data.

-> While this is not the case with Android. Being an Open Source OS, developers can play with the software but there are of lot security issues and cases of malware and viruses stealing private data of individuals have been reported.

Ultimately it boils down to personal preference of the individual whether one wants the simplicity of IOS or the funky customizations of Android. Both the OS’s are good at whatever they have to offer to their customers.

So, both have some pros and cons and thus they can learn from each other. If you guys have any other query or doubts please email me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or use the comments section and we will get back to you.

Sanket Tibdewal


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