On a bright Sunday morning, around 500 young students gathered at Taj Lands End, Bandra, to run a marathon for a cause. ‘AARAMBH’- RUN THE DISTANCE, TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, a 5 kilometer marathon which was organized and hosted by the students of one of Mumbai’s prestigious college NMIMS, Vile Parle. People from different age groups participated in the marathon. Happified was the web partner for the event.





Saket Tawde, one of the participants of the marathon shares his experience…

I had quite an eventful Sunday last week. It didn't start at the usual 9:30am; instead I was awake at 5 in the morning. Half in my sleep, I was rushing, to get to the starting line of a marathon. Not a huge one, a small one, a tiny one actually, five and a half kilometers long to be precise. The plan to go had been made just the night before. And when you are the type of guy who is really bad at saying 'no', why not sacrifice a random Sunday morning for a marathon. As it is, they don't happen every day.

At 6am, the sky was beautiful, and the sun had not yet risen when I left home. That one glimpse of the sky and the hills as a backdrop seemed to make getting up early in the morning completely worth it! To make things better, my ride was a Royal Enfield, driven by an awesome friend and singer, Satwik, and with the highways empty at 6 in the morning on a Sunday, it was a thrilling experience! Now the plan was simple, go and have fun. Reached just in the nick of time, got myself registered and ran to the starting line before the ribbon fell. It feels fun having a sticker stuck to your t-shirt. You are generally labeled by people in life, but this one time it felt fun. I wondered why isn't it fun the rest of the time. At the starting line, things were heating up; I was chit chatting with the troops, strategies were being plotted, mini-warm ups were happening and then... "Go!" and we were off!

The running had begun, and having really nominal but none-the-less some athletic experience in the past and a little common sense, I already knew the marathon was about endurance. Not how fast, how long or how high, but how you could go without stopping. The first kilometer, most of the competition was sprinting. Pretty much like a rat race, since one guy sprinted off, the others just followed the suit. Loads of people overtook me. But there was no end to my optimism. I just knew, they are going to drop off; and another 500 meters later, the first signs of fatigue kicked into some of the 'sprinters' and they decided to slow down to a walk. Aha! I had finally begun making ground! My strategy was working! If I just kept up this pace, I could beat them all! (I thought!)

In the end, my will power prevailed, and though I did slow down to a walk myself, I kept up my decent pace to finish leaving 'the troops' behind. That’s what mattered to me, completing the marathon.

A marathon is a wonderful place where there are so many other people; you realize you should focus on your game and yours alone. You neither have the time or energy to invest in outwitting one other guy, because there are just so many.

The Happified team was there after the marathon, and we helped publicize the magazine. Re-directing youth to focus on the positivity and awesomeness around us instead of the daily humbug was actually quite an honor. Hope to do much more of it soon.

It was nice to know that our registration money for the marathon had gone to a charity working for primary education of under privileged children. So, we weren't running just for ourselves. And contrary to popular belief, after the marathon we felt quite a boost of energy. Might I just say a most wonderful Sunday followed…

P.S : Saying yes to everything, well almost everything, is the secret to adventure!

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