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Sonia A Sahu : Writer

A ‘lil of the sun n a ‘lil of the rain; A teacher and reformist; Reading, writing, poetry, music and all that is art; The company of elders and children are close to her heart. A bohemian, unassuming attitude sets her apart. Parents, Guru and God are her guiding light; Prayer and Meditation her might Patriotism turns her into a knight. That’s Sonia (Anuradha) Sahu for you A bit of the old world; a bit of the new!

Vasudha JhunJhunwala: Writer

Vasudha's life is a canvas of vibrant colors and shades. Creativity with a bit of craziness fuels her system, no wonder shouting slogans with millions on the road to protest; go all in on a clean up drive on the streets if Mumbai to emphasize hygiene, distribute saplings in her neighborhood to help go green and spread smiles to happify are few of the flavors that enrich her experience of life. Being a teacher of the YES!+(Youth Empowerment and Skills) workshop, she helps youth de-stress and refresh, and sees the vision of her Guru of 'One world Family' come true in front of her eyes with every passing moment, keeping her happified! ..

Srishti Jhawar: Sub-Editor

Srishti loves to play basket ball and badminton. She loves to dance in the rain, run to catch up with local trains, sing, eat pakodas, mimic, travel, make music and read comics...

Lavita Singhania: Writer


Hola! Lavita Singhania, she is a student by occupation and a learner by choice! :) She is a volunteer with the AOL, also a final year engineering student in the field of Electronics & Telecommunication. Mathematics, dancing & ice-creams, she Adores totally!! :D Loves getting to know new people, read non-fiction & humorous stuff, watch happy-ending movies & expressing herself. She is very fond of learning different languages, getting to know about different places, their culture, dance-forms etc. A Smile that never fades, that's how she starts, a smile that's contagious, that's how she continues, a smile that just says she's been 'happified' that's how she concludes! :)



Kunal Mehta :Photographer


Kunal got interested in photography when he was ten. Still remembers finishing 36 rolls in a day by just clicking random photos. His dad got annoyed of this habit of his and thought that it was better to buy him a digital camera. He did a workshop with a Wild life photographer, that is when he got to know that photography is not just clicking photos, it is more than that, it is an ocean. He wants to spread happiness and inspire people through his photographs, and that is the reason why he is with 'happified' :)



Akhil Patel :Videographer

Akhil wants to be Charted Accountant in a year, no wonder he loves to meditate :), he also loves sports and has an eye for good movies, and is an aspiring film maker by passion himself. "When I first heard about Happified, I was so amazed by its concept and the potential it carries for spreading smiles and inspiration to all readers, I thought how can I not be a part of this, since this is my aim too" :) says Akhil.

Sanket Tibdewal :Technical Support

Sanket is a bachelor in life and has a bachelor's degree in Comp Science, he is super passionate about gadgets and gaming. Wanting to be a part of something so encouraging as 'happified' has made him join the team. Sanket takes care of the technical aspect of 'happified' and the not so technical aspect of the team. :)

Eben Felix : Sub-Editor

Eben's life is a rich assortment of music, books, humor, colors, flavor, people, love and devotion. He loves to write and is an overdose of smiles and loves to drink maaza :)..

Anmol Agarwal : Happy Spy

Anmol is a powerhouse of enthusiasm, a stage actor, and a guitarist. Books are not his favorites though but he gives his heart and soul for a social cause.:)..



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