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A playful path is the shortest road to happiness

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Here's your chance to make a promise to yourself on how you will be more honest to yourself and to the world.

Write down any promise that you would like to take, it could be anything Eg: "I will not bribe the traffic cop the next time I have to pay a fine.

Would you like to join us in the "I am Honest" initiative?

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Walk with us

Come join hands with the Happified family and walk towards a new world. When you take a pledge you Make a Difference. Let us be the change we wish to see.

So how will you make a difference? Remember it takes just one candle to drive the darkness away. You can tick any one or more or all of the pledges and also add your own. Let the world see the glow of your candle.

The Happified Pledge:

I Pledge that beginning this very moment

  1. I will never take bribes
  2. I will never give bribes
  3. I will always fight corruption
  4. I will be honest
  5. I will always speak the truth even if it means I get punished.
  6. I will never support piracy
  7. I will never break traffic rules
  8. I will never copy and/or use unfair methods to pass the exams
  9. I will stop others from copying and/or adopting unfair means to pass the exams
  10. I will promote education
  11. I will be patriotic and always uphold the honour of my nation and motherland.
  12. I will always work for a stress-free, smiling society, beginning with myself.
  13. I will promote peace
  14. I will plant more trees and fight global warming
  15. I will work for a pollution-free environment
  16. I will never litter the city
  17. I will educate errant citizens to keep their city clean and litter-free
  18. I will never travel ticketless in buses or trains
  19. I will use my adult franchise right to vote
  20. I will be happified and happify the world too. 


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